” Your happiest day means everything to us”
Chloe Phua reviewed Mojoideas5 star

Thanks Jaze & Mandel for all your hardwork on 15th October. Both of you are such passionate and fun people everyone enjoyed being around you guys. I would like to specially thank Jaze for sacrificing his public holiday & family time to help us with the animation’s voice over and Mandel for doing extra time to take more photographs for us. “Our guests really enjoyed the animation and we received many positive feedback on the live feed.” Although the montage was not “perfect enough” as a finalised product (to Jaze’s standards) as it was done express style, everyone really loved it and felt that it was great. Some guests even requested for the animation & montage to be replayed because they really enjoyed watching them! We look forward to receiving all the photos (we are certain that it would turn out amazing!).

Song ah, song ah, huat ah, huat ah!! Give you all 5 likes!



Thanks Jaze, Mandel and team for the wonderful and amazing photos, video and service. 5 stars for ur bcos me and rudy think that ur deserve it! Very pro service! The morning highlight is very good. Not many videographer can do it for wedding lunch, but ur did it beyond our expectation! Really love the video and my parent enjoy it. Sorry for giving ur such a rush and set time limits. Nvertheless, my bridesmaids, bestmans and guests, all thumb up for ur good job by capturing good shots of them on that day. Jaze, i will ask my bed monster to come to ur dream… :p. They still remember u…* joking* At last, thanks for helping us taking our special moment in life.



Winnie Ng reviewed Mojoideas5 star

Hey Jaze and Mandel! We miss you both very much !

“It was a great pleasure working with Mojoideas. The engaged services are delivered with quality and even though they are always on a tight schedule, rest be assured that they take pride in whatever they do and will deliver the best to you.”

We see how dedicated they are with their works and is amazed by their amiable personality. During the actual day PG and VG, they were the ones who kept us calm and brought fun to our family and friends. Honestly, the actual day is usually very overwhelming for the couple but Mojoideas knows exactly what to do and they are always there when you need them!

We are really impressed beyond words and thank you for being part of our new journey.
Our family and friends have asked and commented on how they love your presence too.

PS: You have no idea how touched I am when you really went on to source for the photobooth backdrop that I have requested for.

Remember, it’s the connection we had that made us hand this very important day of ours in your hands =P

Winnie & Wenjie
#OliviaLookalike #FakeJay

All the best MOJO!